2. The four spaces

The four spaces The Bento reveals the full spectrum of our self-interest. Distinct spaces that impact us and are impacted by us.
Now Me is the most self-interested voice. It’s where hockey stick graphs live. It’s concerned with what it wants right now.
Now Me is our protector. It wants to be safe and secure. It’s the part of us that wants pleasure and autonomy, too.
Future Me is the wrinkled version of yourself that made all the right decisions. The voice that reminds you of your commitments. The obituary you wish you could have.
Future Me is driven by purpose, grit, and the pursuit of mastery — values earned over time.
Now Us are the people we rely on and who rely on us. Our families, neighbors, coworkers, people with whom we share nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, sports fandom, and however else we identify.
Key values that shape our Now Us relationships include fairness, community, and tradition.
Future Us is the next generation. Our children and everyone else’s children too.
Future Us is concerned with long-term implications. It highly values awareness, knowledge, and sustainability.
The Bento represents our true self-interest. The areas we should be considering when making decisions and value judgements.
The governing values show us potential ways of acting if we want to create value in those spaces.