3. How the Bento works

How the Bento works There are multiple applications of the Bento. Here we’ll focus just on its use as a decision-making tool.
The Bento is most helpful when facing “Should I” questions.
Moments where the path forward needs a closer look.
Here’s a simple example. Should I go to work today? Each space of the Bento gives its own answer.
Even if we hate our job, this question gets yeses across the board. It makes sense to go to work.
If a family member needs you or you’re sick, you shouldn’t go to work. The rational choice changes based on the circumstances.
Imagine a smoker asking their Bento whether to quit smoking. This question isn’t answered so easily…
Their Now Us, Future Us, and Future Me voices say “YES, quit!”
But the smoker’s Now Me? It says “NO: keep smoking.” It’s not wrong. Now Me is addicted to nicotine. Quitting will suck. Who would choose such a thing? Not an easy voice to reason with.
Think of the Bento as a birds-eye view for your decisions. A way of seeing that expands your perspective.