5. Using your Bento

Using your Bento In this section you’ll learn how to use your Bento as a personal self-guidance system. To do this, you’ll need your Bento, a blank piece of paper, and a writing implement. If you want to get fancy, you can use scissors too.
On that blank piece of paper write down three “Should I” questions. One question should be about work. One should be more personal. One should be existential.
If you want, you can cut out the questions. Or you can draw a Bento underneath each one.
Next, take out your Bento. Choose one of your “Should I” questions and see what your Bento has to say.
For example, our sample Bento could be asked a question like: “Should I write a book about Bentoism?” Each Bento would then respond with its perspective.
You’ll find that your Bentos will disagree. We often carry conflicting feelings. And as we’ve learned, they can be rational in their way. The Bento gives us perspective. A way of seeing that brings our character, values, and essence to life.
By seeing our Bento we become empowered to make more nuanced determinations and expand our possibilities. It’s a guide to self-coherence.