I welcome both individuals and couples in my practice, located in New York City and currently over video conferencing and telephone due to Covid-19. My approach is informed by training in psychodynamic and integrative harm reduction psychotherapy, dialogic practice, EFT, and couples therapy.

My aim is to accompany you in working on whatever brings you to therapy, developing a safe relationship where self-discovery can take place. When experiencing uncertainty or distress, it may be easier to find a way forward when you are joined by another. I offer deep listening and a caring, spontaneous relationship, wherein it is more possible to find language for what has been difficult to put into words, clarify problems in living, and generate new ideas.


I enjoy working with couples in both traditional and non-traditional relationships to help strengthen communication and closeness, while facilitating understanding of the impact of your individual histories to bring clarity to current challenges. In work with couples, I find that when an environment is created where all voices are valued and heard, we can develop new understandings of problems and strengths. Often conflicts point toward the meaning and unique potential of what brought you together as a couple. I hold a certificate in couples therapy from the William Alanson White Institute and additional training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples.

Substance Use Issues

If you are interested in exploring your substance use, I provide a non-judgmental space to clarify your ideal relationship with substances and support you in making positive change, whether moderation, abstinence, or safer use. I am certified in integrative harm reduction psychotherapy and committed to honoring your values and goals.