It is 20:47 on January 18, 2021 in Stavanger, Norway

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Mobilizing Citizenship

In the workshop hosted by Sidsel Christensen, we looked back at ourselves from a different perspective. We embodied matters of rhythm, pattern and group dynamics, through performance and video. Together with the group in the workshop, we explored the relationship between being a single subject on one hand, and being a smaller part of a bigger group or body on the other. We found inspiration from a mix of scientific findings on subjects from bird flocking and cell-intelligence to evolutionary collaboratory structures in crowds. This lead us to an experimental space, where the group created patterns, images and movements together, as if coming from one big, collective mind.

Themes covered in this workshop included:

Quorum sensing: Function as a decision-making process in any decentralised system, made up of many individual entities. (Bacteria, insects) For example how a swarm of bees collectively decides where to establish a new colony.

Flocking: Collective motion of a large number of self-propelled entities. A collective animal behavior exhibited by many living beings such as birds, fish, bacteria and insects. It is considered an emergent behavior arising from simple rules that are followed by individuals and does not involve any central coordination.

Cell intelligence: New research that looks at how single cells can show the ability for individual intelligent behaviour. When isolated, they initiate self-governed assessment of their environment. If cells can measure space and time, they must be able to derive abstract data from physical signals.

Evolutionary collaboration: Darwin argues that the inclination towards collaboration must have developed as an evolutionary advantage.

The wisdom of Crowds: 1906 Francis Galton, cattle marked. Organised competition to guess the weight of a slaughtered cow on display. The exact average of the group (made up of specialists and normal visitors alike) guessed the correct answer.

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