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The future is here and we will run it!

Mobilizing Citizenship

Walk of Shame

March 2019

The Walk of Shame workshop focused on identity and imaginable futures. What kind of future are we longing after? When we talk about the future, we also identify the contemporary. Utopias are constantly developing, changing in pace with how our communities develop. We offered the participants a set of tools to allow reflection around making choices, taking positions and exaggerating points of view. The participants shaped fictional visual and auditive landscapes and characters that were documented and logged in short videos. These snippets are posted in social media to encourage discussions about digital identity and internet as gallery space.

The first day focused on getting to know each other and gather digital material as a visual backdrop and moodboard for what was developed together during the two days. There will be separate sessions for sound, costume and backdrops and compose these different elements in a total form of expression, discussing equality in means of expression. The participants will use these tools to develop a chosen character and a corresponding habitat.

Scenarios created:
Det finnes ingen byer eller bygninger lenger. De fjernet dem på grunn av klimaendringene. Det finnes ingen klimaendringer lenger, nå finnes det bare harmoni. Pocoloco og Esmè er en blanding av det dere kaller mennnesker og valper.
Laget av Julianna Furnes og Karoline Wongsong 2019

Den tredje Dalai Lama (87år) og den andre andre Dalai Lama (3år) ko.mer fra planeten Aspargus. Alt vann er under jorden. Banandelfiner hører mentalt.
Av Nina og Carina 2019

Gladia og Doctor jobber ikke, men de har tatt over verden for å lage litt styr. De har en lab som svever i himmelen.
Av Tolli og Live 2019

Av anonymous 2019

The future is here and we will run it!

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